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Do I have to be an expert skier or rider do do this?

Contrary to what you may believe, you do not have to ski or ride like a professional athlete to enjoy the big mountains and powder of the Chugach. While we recommend our clients arrive in fairly good physical condition and confidence in their abilities, the many terrain options mean that you can ski anything from steep ramps to more mellow grades with big powder fields. There really is something for everyone.

Do I need previous backcountry experience?

No. While backcountry experience is a good foundation, you do not need prior experience in the backcountry to heli-ski with us. You will be given extensive safety briefings and training with our expert guides before your first run and provided with all the necessary equipment. Your guides will also work with you in the field to asses snow safety and inform you of any potential hazards.

What if I can’t stay for a whole week?

If you can only come for a short period of time, then your timing with the weather becomes critical to your ability to fly and your overall experience. For that reason, we do not offer packages shorter than seven days. We do offer daily heli skiing rates on weeks where there are less than four groups. You should call us in advance if you plan to ski with us outside of booking a package. Keep in mind our week long packages are less expensive and include more skiing than many other companies 3 and 5 day packages.

How does grouping / seating in the helicopter work?

The helicopter can service up to four groups at a time. A group consists of a guide and 4 or 5 clients if the group’s total weight allows the fifth passenger seat to be filled. Our aim is to create ski groups that are well matched in both ability and desire to ride similar terrain each day we fly. It is unsafe to allow members of the same group to take different runs off each drop unless we have more than one guide in that group. Even then it will be the lead guides final decision.

While we do our best to group you appropriately, Alaska Snowboard guides reserves the right to fill seats in the helicopter at our discretion. We can not always guarantee you will ride with someone that matches or exceeds your ability on any given day.

Recognizing the negative effect this can have on a group’s day, Alaska Snowboard Guides offers you the opportunity to buy one seat each day that can fly empty at the half price based on Classic Package pricing. ASG reserves the right to put a Tail guide, Apprentice Guide or Guide in that seat. The only guaranteed ways to make sure your group is perfectly in line with your ability is to grab your friends and book a private charter or come with a complete group.

What happens if someone from our group drops out?

Each individual in your group is responsible for completing the flight hours on their package. If for any reason your group becomes less than four strong we will do our best to fill the seat with another guest or in some cases a tail guide. The individual who is not present for whatever reason is still responsible for the hours the group uses that day. Please see our policies for a full explanation.

Can I come alone?

Absolutely. We will do our best to group you with other riders of similar ability. We guarantee you’ll make some lifelong friends during your stay!

How much should I tip my guide?

Although customary, gratuities are entirely at your discretion. If you choose to express a personal thank you to your guide(s) tips generally range from $250 – $700 per guest on our packages. Please remember that a percentage of your guides tips will goto the ground crew and fuelers. Without them none of this is possible.

Have a question we didn’t answer? Don’t hesitate to contact us! An ASG representative will be happy to get you covered.

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