New Totem Inn

Our inclusive package guests stay at the Totem Inn in Valdez. We feature single occupancy with double occupancy available upon request.


Motor Home Parking & Touring Access

Our primary heli-port also serves as an motor home base with wifi access, cellular phone service and a warm day lodge to dry out gear in. Most of the ASG staff members stay on Thompson Pass in favor of the epic sunsets, northern lights and good times in the day lodge. Our on site food truck provides amazing meals and has week long food packages available. If you’re still up for more after your day in the helicopter a few minute sled bump will get you a decent averaging over 2,000 ft to the road where you can easily walk back to your RV. The sunset light lasting to 9 or even 10pm is incredible in the spring and if you bring your skins you can continue your ascent to get an even bigger line.

Motor Home Meal Packages

Magpies located at our heli-base offers week long meal packages featuring breakfast lunch and dinner, also available daily.  Check out for details on Thompson Pass offerings.


FU KUNG: Asian fusion cuisine. This is the best vegetarian option in Valdez!
THE WHEELHOUSE LOUNGE / OFF THE HOOK GRILL: Not only does the restaurant feature some of the best dishes in town, the view from the bar just could be the best in the world. Get the Halibut fish tacos. You won’t regret it.
THE FAT MERMAID: Gourmet pizza and various dishes.  This quaint spot located on the harbor is often the least crowded during peak winter season.
MIKES PALACE: Lots of different options from the classics to mediterranean and more.
ERNESTO’S: Quality Mexican food at the end of the road.
THE PIPELINE CLUB: A locals bar, sit where the captain of the Exxon Valdez sat drinking before he crashed on the Bligh reef!
SACRED GROUNDS: Expresso hut located in front of the gas station.
LATTE DAH: Coffee shop with specialty expresso drinks.

Gear & Gifts

THE PROSPECTOR: Save it for a down day unless you need some gear.
THE ORCA: DOWN DAY! They keep weird hours so call ahead.
TOTEM INN GIFT SHOP: Something Alaskan for the loved ones.
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