Flying To and From Valdez

The flight to Valdez is short 40 minute flight however, there are some very important things to consider when flying. There is only one airline that flies to and from Valdez called Ravn Air (Formerly Era Aviation). Weather in Alaska can change quickly and without warning. This is yet another reason that we strongly encourage you to purchase Travel Insurance. Most major airlines will book you a flight on Ravn to Valdez however you may also book directly through Ravn.

DO NOT book through 3rd parties like Expedia, Priceline etc. Changing flights on Ravn becomes much more difficult.

Give Yourself Time:

The last Ravn flight to Valdez (VDZ) boards at 4:45pm. Double check itineraries before booking to make sure you don’t have to spend the night in Anchorage (unless you want to). Ravn flights depart from gates outside security.  Depending on how you book your flight, you may need to pick up and re-check your bags at the Ravn check in. Make sure you have enough time (at least 1 hour 15 minutes) just in case.

Book a Late Return Flight:

The weather in Valdez grounds planes several times each winter. To avoid a missed flight in Anchorage book your return flight from ANC late as possible. A red-eye is the safest bet. The late flight gives you plenty of time to deal with cancellation and arrange for alternative transportation to Anchorage if need be.

Make sure to contact us with your travel plans including your arrival time in Valdez so we can arrange for transport.


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