A Day Skiing and Snowboarding with ASG.

Morning / Preparation:

We encourage our guests to have their ski and snowboard boots on by 9am. Even if we have a later start due to briefings or weather we can still get all four groups plenty of runs. If you are staying in town, an ASG staff member will host you at breakfast and drive you to basecamp in our van.


Depending on where we are planning to ski and snowboard, it can take up to an hour to get all four groups into the field. If your group is launching last be sure to remain in or nearby the common yurt, and keep in contact with your guide. Your guide will perform a beacon check and lead you to where you’ll be positioned to get into the field.


Generally and especially on your first day skiing and snowboarding with us, your guide will elect easier terrain for our initial warm up run. From there, you will have the opportunity to request more advanced and challenging riding as desired. While your guide will always ask the group how they are doing, be sure to actively communicate with your guide how you specifically are feeling after each run. Don’t risk your safety by keeping quiet about your physical condition or comfort in general.

Rest / Snack Time:

The helicopter will need to return to base for fuel at least once per day depending on where you are riding. This will be a perfect time to hang out in the sunshine, rest your legs and snack. We aren’t touring, so you won’t need a 3L bladder but be sure to bring at least a 16oz water bottle with you.

Return to Base:

Once you’ve landed at base, your guide will instruct you to either exit the helicopter as in a normal landing or remain in the helicopter and wait until the engine is shut down. Once clear of the pad you are welcome to de-boot, change and store gear in our common yurt. We will keep the fire stoked to ensure it’s dry for you the next day.


Share stories, smiles and beverages while we hang out and watch the sunset at base. If you are staying in town, our van will depart for town once everyone is ready. There is no set schedule or rush to return unless you are electing to take the evening flight out of Valdez. In those cases we will arrange for special transport.


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