Join us this spring for a truly remote Alaska experience at our backcountry basecamp, further in the range then most people venture. This is Backcountry Skiing and Splitboarding at its finest.

Imagine begin flown into a remote location to spend a week deep in the backcountry, beyond the day use of zones of heli skiing and snowmobiles . When it comes to self powered backcountry skiing and snowboarding the options are limitless. Whether you like long glacial powder runs, Steep ramps and spines or have a couloir obsession we have the terrain you desire and our comfortable camp will make your week even more enjoyable. The solitude, silence and freedom from the distractions of modern life are good for the soul.

You will depart from one of our 3 operational bases or the Valdez airport depending on where we choose to set up the touring camp for any given week. We are not fixed in any one location and the zone you skied a few years ago may or may not be the one you goto this year. We offer both fixed wing and helicopter access to our camps and fixed wing day support to move from camp to a different zone or objective for a day during your week if you would like to add this service to your base package. If you can dream it we can create a custom package to make it happen. Please Email or call us to start making your plans today.

Groups will vary in size but are limited to a total of 8 guests on any given week. When you arrive at camp you will stay in heated Arctic Ovens Tents and eat amazing meals prepared by our chef in the heated kitchen dome tent. Our lead guides will be sure to assess your groups desires and make sure you have the trip of a lifetime.

We are happy offer our lodging (if available) before or after your trip (contact us for details). If our lodging is not available we will be happy to help you get set up somewhere else.

What if I want to take a couple extra Heli Ski runs?

Our Touring guides are also Heli Ski guides so they will be happy to take a few extra heli runs and why not thrown in a few hot laps? This is Alaska after all. The extra runs are charged based on the actual flight time.

Will I Stay Warm and Dry?

Yes our heated Arctic Oven tents will keep you warm and dry after your days adventure. We also feature propane boot dryers by Peet so your boots will be warm and dry all week too.

Should I Bring Food?

Our camp chef will prepare provide 3 wonderful meals a day. We encourage you to bring your own snacks if you have preferences.

Touring Camp Packing List

  • Touring Skis and Skins or Split Board and Skins Poles,
  • Verts Snow Shoes for climbing steep pitches Ice axe
  • Crampons
  • Helmet
  • Harness, five carabiners 3 locking 2 none locking, and prusiks cord (6mm cut at lengths of 3 and 7 feet) (ASG can provide a harness if needed)
  • Boots with intuition liners (2 sets of liners is ideal)
  • Warm and comfortable camp boots, and down booties.
  • Gore-tex gloves and mitts, light gloves and extra pairs.
  • Water proof pants and jacket, and down pants and jacket.
  • Highly compressible down Jacket
  • Base layers, second layers top/bottom and fleece or down sweaters.
  • Wool socks (2 pair per day)
  • Neck gator,
  • Beanie, and sun hat.
  • Personal Hygiene kit: tooth brush, toilet paper, sun screen, lip balm.(and what ever else you personally need).
  • Cup, Bowl, Spoon, and Water Bottles
  • Negative 20F sleeping bag
  • Touring day pack with airbag

Hear what our previous guests have to say about one of ASG’s newest Alaska ski and snowboarding options:

“To me, it’s snowboarding as good as it gets. The time I spent at ASG’s tour camp are the most majestic moments I’ve ever had on a splitboard … Having ASG’s guides by your side ensures you’ll have the smoothest winter camping experience, keeping even the gnarliest situations stress free, so that you’re able to focus on climbing and riding big Alaskan lines.  – Danny Wilkinson

“The guides don’t baby you; get ready to ride the rowdiest lines of your life.” – Ryan Thomford


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