ASG is Owned and Operated by the Best Heli Ski and Snowboard Guides in the Business

From our lead guides to our office staff, we all started out working and skiing with other operators here in Valdez since the early 90’s.  Finally in 2011 we assembled to create our own operation and asked our friends to come heli ski with us. This experience allowed us to quickly form a flexible operation that exceeded all our guests’ expectations in terms of offering up great riding and flexibility.

The “24/7 Classic” Package

Beginning in 2012, we were the first operator offering a full package that allows ultimate flexibility so our guests experience Alaska the way they wanted to. This unique package gave our clients ample time to complete their runs — and still does today.

If you have great weather and finish you package in three days you are welcome to buy additional days. Conversely, even if you have a tough weather week you should still be able to complete your package.

Our ultimate goal is for you to leave 100% satisfied with your experience.

Stepping it Up

Starting in 2013, ASG offers packages which included transportation and lodging for those looking for a more comfortable experience which we will only continue to expand and refine. We currently host our guests in the best rooms available in the town of Valdez where you’ll have your own comfortable bed, shower and laundry facilities.