What Our Guests Have To Say

“After years of running DH and SG, across this country, I found the next level. The most freeing experience of my life! A must do before your final ticket is punched!”

Robbie Cravens, multiple national masters speed champion, PNSA masters divisional chairman.

“There’s an energy here bigger than words can describe. The snow is incredible, I mean its completely mind blowing – the stuff we can ride.. I had the best turns of my life today!”

Brian Iguchi- Pro Snowboarder/ Legend

 “It’s like taking 100 powder days and combining them into one run”

Jami Lynn – Professional Snowboarder/Legend

 “Every run that we took was the best run of our lives.”

Pat Moore- Pro Snowboarder

“My time spent at ASG will never be forgotten. Having spent the last decade working within the snowboard industry, I can spot of fake when I see one, or more importantly, spot the real deal…and ASG is the real deal! They have history and understand what it means to be a snowboarder. The stoke these guys have for getting you on the run of your life is infectious and honest. They also take these mountains very seriously and have the knowledge and tools to keep you as safe as possible. Beyond the snowboarding, living that AK life for the duration of your stay rounds out the overall experience. We enjoyed Valdez and all it has to offer. A gorgeous little seaside town, it has great food, shops and on one night, we camped out in the lot by the helipad and the sky opened up and the Aurora Borealis danced across the night sky brilliantly. If you’re looking for a life experience that will be cherished forever, then book a trip at ASG!”

Tim Peare- Professional Photographer

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